TARKAN - Şımarık -- Kiss Kiss

Taking some other man by the arm

She’s tearing me in two

Blowing bubbles with her gum

She bursts them impudently

Maybe that’s why I’ve been ensnared by her

Because I don’t own her

Can my masculinity accept you spoilt thing?

Has the world turned upside down ?

She’s lined her eyes with mascara

Her lips coquettishly bright red

Flaunting in front of me audaciously

Grinning, merely to spite me

We weren’t raised that way

She’s making us look like a fool

New customs have come to town

Boys, we’re lost

You vamp you

You lure the snake from its place

My fate’s crazy adventure19

If I get a hold of you (kiss kiss)

I’ve fallen in your furnace, baby

I’ve fallen in your lap, baby

I’ve fallen for your warmth, baby

Oh my!

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