Ese pedazo de lata pintado de dorado no le va a quitar las arterias obstruidas, el fracaso y el desperdicio de dinero por el que empezará a morir de hambre.

Que hermosa rubiecita talentosa

Joe Biden Lol GIF by ProBit Global

¿Que tiene de malo hacer pronosticos, corazon? Si lees bien, yo no he afirmado nada. Solo dije “parece que”.
Y de verdad, esa academia latina es muy inferior a la anglo, a mi parecer.
Gracias por darle tanta importancia a mis posts, bebe :kiss:
Te noto algo alterado y desesperado.

OMG I didn’t know they sell fake ones. I’ve always wanted one of them. But a real one :triumph:

They are so shinny :pleading_face: :sparkles: Probably you don’t know, but they even talk with their sweet and delicate voices (I really don’t know that technology they use but it’s mind-blowing… and so real :exploding_head:) Doctor says is all “in my head” and I shouldn’t tell anyone, but I guess I’m doing it :face_with_peeking_eye: That bastard hates me :rage: I’m not taking her pills :pill: :wastebasket: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: She wants to destroy me :boxing_glove:

Mom says I’ve always love gold, but dad told the judge :woman_judge: I’d sell it to buy crack :confounded: So they took all the gold away from me :triumph:

Whatever… Im quite sure the real one is made of solid and shinny gold :trophy: and not with cheap plastic or aluminum… Whatever that shit is made of :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

But it looks like a painted Coke can… she’s fooling no one :sweat_smile: !!! Nevertheless Fausto :disguised_face:must be so proud of her “little” bitch…. :tada: (I know she’s really, really fat, I’m just being sarcastic, doctor :man_health_worker: says sarcasm is good) :frowning: