BASTA Yaaaaaa

Recordando este clasico de queenjenni

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She looks so beautiful and full of life!!! Who is she? :heart:

Que horror

El clásico es de Olga tañon!

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On the other hand you look horrible and psycho!

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Is that a good thing? Mom always said I looked psycho :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ve never asked her cuz she’s kind of rude :unamused: And Dad gets mad quite easily :scream:

I take it as a compliment but I wasn’t quite interested in Latin or Greek at school, you know! it sucked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Update! Ok so if you hear voices you are psycho? Ha so I am!!! I’d never told anyone, because I never thought my powers had a name. OMG :flushed: So that means I’m special :vulcan_salute:t2::rainbow::pill:

Are you a psycho also?

Vaya jotarra verdulera…
La musica tropical no es el fuerte de los mexicas.

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Nice cat! :cat2:

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Qué bueno que dejó de existir Balleni Rivera, maldita vieja naca y vulgar…qué asco da toda su discografía espero que haya sufrido rico su caída y haya quedado toda destrozada por asquerosa gorda mierdosa.

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